S&A engages a consortium of talented and experienced higher education specialists, public relations, branding
marketing and social media experts, and nonprofit leadership experts.


Providing Strategic Planning, Communication, Team Building, and Public Relations Consulting since 1995.

Sheil & Associates specializes in the development and execution of strategic communication plans—specifically among complex organizations and nonprofits. S&A is owned by Dr. Astrid Sheil, a 30+ year public relations practitioner, corporate trainer, author, and educator. Each member of Sheil and Associates is an expert in their field, providing comprehensive planning, integrated marketing concepts, public relations tactics, crisis communication training, thematic clarity, scalable designs, a systematic implementation process with measurable outcomes, and training and development.


“The Art of Communication is the Language of Leadership.”

James Humes


Sheil & Associates provides a holistic approach to organizational communication.

We work to implement high-tech and high-touch techniques and strategies to deliver the organization’s views and engage in the online conversations. We provide clear and comprehensive public relations and management reputation strategies that are appropriate and cost-effective—and deliver results. S&A uses the Media Cloverleaf to help clients engage in meaningful conversations with its audience, create and curate compelling content, and achieve its media strategies with clear-cut purpose. We want to help you gain your audience’s trust and build your brand.
Internal communication encompasses a lot: how do assumptions and behaviors affect the communication climate within your organization? How can you  increase productivity through improved communication? And how can you establish authentic two-way communication channels with your employees? S&A provides advising and coaching to help teams and individuals work smarter and improve workplace communication.
Our philosophy on Strategic Planning is simple: We will show you how to develop and implement appropriate, measurable, and meaningful growth strategies.  Specifically for nonprofits, S&A can also work with your Board of Directors to not only gain consensus, but renew the passion towards achieving your organization’s mission. We also provide a la carte facilitation services to help guide you forward on projects, campaigns, and general strategic counsel. We pride ourselves on our custom approach to ensure you achieve your goals.
Teams are the driving force for many organizations and creating and maintaining a high-performing team can make all the difference for your bottom line. S&A approaches team building by focusing first on what drives the team’s behaviors and actions. There are 81 different combinations of thinking styles that affect human cognition and behaviors, including information processing, judgment, problem solving, communication and interaction with others. Once a person understands his or her own preferences for thinking and communicating, many doors open for growth, understanding, and acceptance of others.

Why Choose S&A?

S&A is a small firm that takes a small number of clients each year to provide its clients with focused attention to get extraordinary results.

Our process is open and inclusive and our plan is grounded in organizational, communication and marketing best practices. Our people are academically-focused experts dedicated and committed to helping institutions improve their communication and reputations. S&A is greater than the sum of its parts. Each consultant has a specialization that focuses on specific areas of competency that we carefully match to our clients’ needs. In essence, this is not just an agency. We are an academic group that understands the issues facing our clients. We stay up to date with trends, challenges, and best practices around the country, and we are in lockstep with issues being discussed at the national level. Lastly, we have provided facilitated training for nonprofit boards, including leadership training, board development, roles and responsibilities, and team building.